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Meet the passionate minds behind MintWatch. Dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to bring you the very best in timekeeping.


The strategic visionaries guiding MintWatch to excellence. Their leadership and expertise set the pace for our future.

Fabio Piloni

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

25 anni nel settore finanziario e consulente per una delle principali SGR quotate in borsa. Specializzato negli investimenti nei mercati privati, Fabio è un appassionato collezionista di orologi di lusso e un esperto conoscitore del settore.

Andrea Pomponi

Chief Marketing Officer

Con oltre 12 anni di esperienza nel marketing e una profonda conoscenza del mondo Web3, Andrea ha lavorato a una delle più importanti ICO italiane nel 2018.

Francesco Lauria

Chief Sales Officer

Con oltre 10 anni di esperienza come compratore e venditore di orologi di lusso, Francesco è un esperto nel campo delle negoziazioni e delle relazioni con i commercianti, con una profonda conoscenza del mercato e delle sue dinamiche.

Key Figures

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Founder of Analytics Arts, that conducts predictive analytics and simulation of watch portfolio market values. With a +15 years experience in advisoring international companies and consulting firms, he has teached at Bocconi University in analytics and marketing research.

Alessandro Recla

Data Analyst

He is Senior Lecturer in Decision Sciences & Business Analytics at SDA Bocconi School of Management and professor a at Bocconi University.

Maurizio Poli

Executive consultant and data analyst (Analytics Arts)

Lawyer and founding partner of LC&P (Lanzalone Costantini & Partners), with expertise in contracts, public and private procurement, transportation law and in customs matters. He has consolidated experience in corporate consulting and is qualified to practice before the higher courts.

Luciano Costantini

Legal Consultant

With over 12 years of experience in marketing
and deep know-how on Web3 communities, he
worked on one of the most important Italian
ICOs in 2018. Today he supports companies and
startups in the integration of Web3 customer

Andrea Pomponi

Marketing Advisor

Sara Noggler is an experienced Web3 and metaverse consultant. A leader in the field of communications and marketing for startups and corporate companies who wish to best voice and promote their projects in the blockchain, NFT and metaverse sectors, she is the PR and event manager of Mintwatch and CEO of Polyhedra.

Sara Noggler

Pr & event manager

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