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Blockchain technology has revolutionized how we view and manage digital ownership, offering transparency, security, and decentralization. At MintWatch, we have embraced the Web3 revolution to bring our bold vision to life: democratizing investment in the luxury watch resale market.

Here's how blockchain is pivotal to our business model:


Security Token Offering (STO)

Capital raising is a crucial element for every startup. Through our Security Token Offering (STO), we can not only raise funds but also share profits with our community of investors. This approach transforms every investor into a valuable partner, forging a bond of trust and reciprocity.


Digital Twin and RWA tokenization

The “Digital Twin” concept represents a digital replica of a physical asset. By utilizing tokenization, we can create digital representations of luxury watches, making their exchange and valuation more straightforward and secure. This paves the way for NFTfi, merging the world of luxury watches with decentralized finance.


NFT Pass:
our key to an exclusive community

Every holder of an NFT Pass is not just an investor but becomes part of an exclusive community of luxury watch enthusiasts. This pass grants access to unique benefits, special events, and networking opportunities with other members of the MintWatch community.


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